Monday, March 3, 2014


We got a little closer to spring this weekend.
That's a GREAT feeling.
I found the pattern for these booties on Ravelry.
Thank you Ravelry for providing me with lots of inspiration
 and countless free patterns.
They are called...
My GrandMa's booties by Nathalie Gueniche
I chose to add the crocheted edge in a dusty rose.
You can knit these up in a couple hours while you watch
the final season of Breaking Bad.
All ready for the layette.
There's an old fashioned word for you to look up.
Baby's probably don't wear booties anymore either...
but grandma's just keep knitting them anyway.


  1. These are adorable!!!! My baby is going to wear booties, so keep up the beautiful work grandma! :)

  2. Love them . . . my mom's gift for every baby she knew, every church bazaar, every empty day with nothing to do . . . she was knitting booties . . . And these are perfect for a new family addition!?