Wednesday, March 26, 2014

fresh air

Is anyone else craving some fresh air?
I opened a couple of windows.
I don't care...
go ahead and fight with the furnace.
The Mr. and I are likely to arm wrestle
 for that first lawn mower ride.
What a winter!
I finished up a few pink projects.
Today I am working on blue.
But first I am going to take a book
out on the patio to read for a few minutes
Maybe I'll take my walkman with and
listen to John Denver's
"Sunshine On My Shoulders."


  1. Super cute!!! Im hoping that the cats and I can open the loft window while working tonight (hubby will be gone). :)

  2. That Sunshine, Denver song is a good one for some cheer . . . Each week I hang my sheets out to dry. Oh, they freeze . . . but when I bring them inside the warmth of the house warms them right away. Today/tonight fresh air dried sheets . . . makes me sleep like a babe . . . Love the quilt piece, your pink . . . and look forward to the blues . . .

  3. I'm excited to open up my new door in my crafty room. with a door and a window it will be like makin' art out doors!