Friday, February 28, 2014

Bathing suits

This morning I was dreaming about grabbing my project bag...
The one that I just failed miserably ironing on
 this awesome digital design by my sister.
(check her out at Sall's Country Living)
The best part of bloopers is that I get to keep them right?
So this one is mine.
Where was I?
Oh. Grabbing my project bag and heading to the beach.
I thought about the perfect beach project
and came up with the idea of a knitted swim suit.
It would have to cover me like these bathing suits would.
But our weather forecast says a high of  -1 and snow for tomorrow.
It may call for a knitted blanket instead.
And it's back to the ironing board for me with this project.
I don't give up easily. ~b


  1. Im calling dibs on the next one, so if you could have a minor mistake on that as well?! :) Your high of -1 sounds great compared to our -18!

  2. I live your bag, I think it looks great.
    Knitting a swim suit means that there will need to be a modeling video.
    Sounds good to me!

  3. I think your blooper adds to the rustic charm of the picture! Very cool on whatever you call that fabric. Yes, do some more and hurry and get them on Etsy!


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