Friday, March 14, 2014


Can you detect a reoccurring theme to my projects lately?
Daughter Knit and Pearl has declared a circus theme
for the nursery.
Sounds bright and cheery doesn't it?
We took our kids to Baraboo, Wisconsin one summer to see the
Baraboo Circus World Museum.
At one time, almost one hundred years ago, the Ringling Bros. Circus had their winter quarters on the north bank of the Baraboo River. The area was known as Ringlingville. The Ringling Bros. Circus last wintered here in 1918.
Did you read this book as a child?
I mean really...
who can resist a circus?


  1. SOOO cute! Keep those circus words coming so we can choose what is going on the nursery wall. :)

  2. are you sure Charlie didn't choose the "Circus" theme? I know he knows what he married into by now!

  3. Fun theme for the new babes room.
    And Oh My Goodness . . . I lived in Baraboo. My son went to the gymnastic school one summer . . .