Wednesday, February 5, 2014

downstairs maid

I finally reached the finish line with this shawl...
I have been picking it up and knitting on it here and there for a very long time.
When I had the body of it done
 it was time to pick up stitches and knit the ruffle...
THAT is when it got tucked away while I procrastinated...
like I always do on these projects.
I like to think it is a shawl like one of the downstairs maids
 on Downton Abbey would wear when she went out the door
to go after a fresh hen for chicken noodle soup.
Do you crave homemade chicken noodle soup
like I do when I have a nasty cold?


  1. Love the ruffled shawl . . . so pretty. I hope you wear it, I am sure you will receive many compliments.

  2. Check that PIP off the list. Time to pick up another one and finish it while wearing this beautiful shawl! :)

  3. do you have a cold too? Can you bring me a cup of that soup over I don't have a downstairs maid and my other half prefers to steer clear of my germs!