Thursday, February 13, 2014


I finally got tired of this baby quilt hanging on the back of my sewing chair
and finished the binding on it yesterday.
I don't know what was holding me up.
I actually like hand sewing the binding on quilts.
I love the back of it!
So vintage don't you think?
I made a lot of these Raggedy Andy dolls back in the 70's.
Pretty ambitious for having two kids under the age of two.
All ready for a sweet baby.
Have I mentioned there will be a new baby in our family?
Daughter knit and pearl and her ceo are expecting their first.
Can you spell E X C I T E D?


  1. :) E X C I T E D = M E
    What a gorgeous quilt and I remember those dolls!!!
    You are really inspiring me to get my rear in gear.

  2. Really, really gorgeous quilt . . . I like a Raggedy dolls . . .
    I am very excited for you and YOUR EXCITED!