Thursday, February 6, 2014


right now - It's 12:25 and I'm home for lunch. I can't help myself...I like Armour's cheap chili with beans and lots of crackers.

out my window - It's only 5 degrees. My car wouldn't start this morning and his pickup is out of commission...oil trouble? Maybe retirement is closer than we think.
on my needles - Yesterday I cast on for yet another pair of Irish Wellington socks. With this cold I have all I want to do is eat soup and knit under a quilt.
on my nightstand - I just started reading "The House At Riverton". It's a big book and will have to hold my attention if I plan on getting it read anytime soon.
at night - I started watching this series on Netflix...I love being able to watch episodes back to back, and no commercials!
how about you....what are you doing to make this horrible winter go by a little faster?


  1. Lots of tv and books happening at our house. :) Time for some Netflix again. Maybe after the Olympics though. Go Team USA!!

  2. with price of beef, you better stock up on your chili!

  3. Lotsa eats, too often, too much . . . I for sure have some form of inside house itis!