Tuesday, April 11, 2017

rub a dub dub

Yesterday I played the baker and candlestick maker.
I enjoy doing both...making candles and baking.
They both satisfy my sense of smell.
Hand poured soy candles
 are also a nice gift item to have on hand.
I recycle cans and glass containers for my candles.
It makes the gift even more economical.
The labels are a fun touch.
(Talking about gifts...Happy birthday today to my sister!
I guess you know what you're getting.)
From the baker:
My peach cobbler turned out excellent also.
~b is for baker


  1. Can't wait for that Birthday surprise;) 53 went down as the worst one ever! I think I need to write a book and sign it Debbie Downer (my new Pen name). It's fun catching up on your blog, you two certainly aren't letting any grass grow under your feet!! Have an eggcelent Easter!!

  2. Like those candles . . .
    And the labels . . .
    Are the labels hand made or purchased?
    Are you on Etsy?