Tuesday, April 4, 2017


There's a reason daughter knit and pearl
 and I have chickens on the brain...
and we hope we can share soon!
There's just something about chickens isn't there?
I tucked a little chick on the back of this flour sack towel.
A little surprise I call it.
Surprises are nice when you're hand drying your dishes.
I enjoy embroidering.
It was the first craft I learned as a girl.
 I learned watching my grandmother.
I taught my children at a young age also.
~b is for bok bok


  1. Cute . . . liked that bok bok . . .
    Embroidery too . . oh my, what talents!
    Little chick around the corner is a perfect touch!

  2. Ohhhh.....can't wait to share. I worked on my embroidery last night too....and of chickens of course

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