Monday, April 3, 2017


It was such a beautiful day yesterday
we decided to take a little country drive.

Did you know we have Amish in South Dakota?
They moved here in 2010.
They are a great reminder
that we could all stand to slow down a pace or two.
Today I dug out my Amish cookbook
and made kolaches.
I know, not very Amish are they?
I used Esther's recipe from this cookbook.
Kolaches were brought here by the descendants of Czech immigrants in the 1800's.
‘Show him the spiced plums, mother. Americans don’t have those,’ said one of the older boys. ‘Mother uses them to make kolaches,’ he added. Leo, in a low voice, tossed off some scornful remark in Bohemian. I turned to him. ‘You think I don’t know what kolaches are, eh? You’re mistaken, young man. I’ve eaten your mother’s kolaches long before that Easter Day when you were born.’
– Willa Cather’s novel My Antonia (1918), about Bohemian immigrants in Nebraska in the 1880s

I think mine turned out more like a Danish.
~b is for bohemian


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  1. Love that Willa Cather gal . . .
    Probably already told you . . .
    My senior term paper on her meant reading her books . . .
    The kolaches look yummy . . . did you use plums?