Thursday, April 6, 2017

fresh air

It is the perfect spring day to hang out at your clothesline.
Not too cold, not too warm.
The perfect temperature for that stuffy quilt
you've been using all winter
to absorb all the fresh air it can hold.
If we all used clotheslines, we could save 30 million tons of coal a year,
 or shut down 15 nuclear power plants.
 Buy 50 feet of clothesline and a $3 bag of clothespins
 and become a solar energy pioneer.
 - Bill McKibben

Can you smell the sun? the wind?
The tree buds? new grass?
~b is for breathe


  1. Beautiful quilt Barb . . .
    Yes, to clothes line, air dried laundry . . .
    We have a retractable line, all bedding is line dried, year around.
    Spring, summer, fall . . . clothing items are also line dried.
    Refreshing . . .

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