Wednesday, April 19, 2017


We are back from our Easter holiday.
Trust me on this...
visiting our daughter's home always involves PROJECTS!
Lots of projects... all very enjoyable.
Project #1
They were lucky enough to be given this playset for their girls.
Their daddy and grandpa (plus a couple more thugs)
moved it...almost intact!
Daddy better get it enclosed because
 their two-year-old is practically living in it.
Project #2
Daughter knit and pearl decided her and the girl's should be chicken farmers!
The hen house is up, the chickens moved in...
and they will soon be having farm fresh eggs for breakfast.
Project #3
The chicken house and garden needed to be fenced off
 from the family dogs so a quick pallet fence was put up.
Aren't the pallet projects popping up all over clever?
Project #4
Of course we dyed eggs.
Not quite sure why grandma was the only one
 to come away with dye on her shirt?


  1. Aren't grampa's and granny's just the best!
    Always good for a project or two!
    Liking that "cheep cheep" plan . . .
    Bring on the fresh eggs!

  2. Delainee was out pulling up her tree bucket in her princess dress last night! And she is sure to tell everyone that gramma and papa made that for her. Thank you so much for the fun weekend and all the hardwork. Promise next trip is for playing only!!