Friday, August 14, 2015

Too Fussy!

Why didn't I think of this?
I am like Goldilocks
when it comes to washcloths.
I don't like them too big...
or too small.
I don't like thick hemmed edges
or braided edges!
I cut these from an old towel that wasn't just right for me...
yes, I'm fussy about bath towels too.
This towel was a bit too thin and small.
So I cut it into washcloths and serged the edges.
PERFECT! Thanks Pinterest


  1. Definitely put a serge on my Christmas list!

  2. I am smiling . . . I like a certain kind of wash cloth . . . always on a search. Too thick just doesn't work for me, or too thin . . . I like how you made yours JUST RIGHT!