Wednesday, August 12, 2015

kitchen salsa

Do you salsa in your kitchen?
Canning season began for me yesterday with salsa.
17 pints to share...
17 more when the tomatoes are ripe enough.
I purchase all my fresh produce from our local hudderite colony.
These were some busy ladies when I got there.
I can't describe the wonderful smell coming out of their kitchen.
Today I am doing a double batch of our favorite relish.
Would you believe this recipe came from an uncle that made it?
Gotta love a man that cans.
The fresh vegetables need to sit for three hours
 before I add the brine and put in jars.
Enough time to wash and sterilize my jars and lids...
and post this blog.
I am a huge multi-tasker and can never figure out
why everyone can't do three things at once?
I peeled too many cucumbers
 so I will make a gallon of refrigerator pickles.
Nothing goes to waste in this kitchen!