Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spy Dogs

Two of our granddaughters have been here the last four days...
which equals one very worn out grandma.
It's a good kind of worn out.
 It always makes me wonder how I did it full-time with our kids?
Today we started writing a book called
"Spy Dogs"
Cecelia and Tressa are the authors
and I guess I am the illustrator.
Spy dogs Jaguar and Gold woke up this morning
 to the smell of smoke
and think it is their duty to find the fire and put it out.
They climbed the tree in the front yard to see if they could spot any smoke.
I sure hope they have a driver's license to drive grandpa's truck.
I will let you know if our fox and hound find that fire...


  1. Adorable . . . you are just the best granny ever!