Thursday, August 27, 2015

in love

Are you in love with vintage like I am?
I've been sewing bibs for the last two days...
and loving these fabric choices.
Is there anyone that didn't grow up reading Dick and Jane?
I paid a premium for this fat quarter of Dick and Jane.

My sister is so in love with vintage
that she is opening a vintage shop
where I will be selling these bibs.

"Where The Wild Things Are" was written in 1963.

The granddaughters and I read Dr. Seuss this weekend.
We bought our kids this Dr. Seuss book when they graduated from college!

I loved this old piece of football flannel I acquired in a rummage box.

Does this cherry bib remind you of Mom's old tablecloth?
Snoopy has been entertaining us since 1950.
We were fortunate that Mr. b's mother never threw anything out,
this is his old teddy bear.
Most of these bibs were lined with an old chenille bedspread of hers.
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1 comment:

  1. Love Dick, Jane and Sally . . .
    Cat In The Hat . . .
    Snoopy . . .
    and your bib creations which hold them all!