Monday, January 5, 2015

Season 5

Did you catch the season 5 opener of Downton Abbey last night?
I'm wondering if there will be life for me
 after this show goes off the air for good?
It isn't just the story lines...
it's the castle
the clothes
the manners!
I hope you're watching to see what life was like in this era.
I started knitting this Downton Abbey sampler scarf.
Each square is a different pattern and color...
a great stash buster.
There is tons of Downton Abbey knitting patterns on Ravelry...
all reminiscent of this era.
If I were a cast member on Downton Abbey...
Yes, I'm quite sure I would be head cook Mrs. Patmore.
She hates substandard food too.


  1. It seems like Downton just simply brings FLAVOR . . . like no other . . .

  2. Fun post! I want that scarf and those hand mitts in the picture!!!