Tuesday, January 13, 2015

designer bibs

I was tidying up a bit in my sewing room
when I came across a leg of Mr. b's work pants.
I looked at the piece with it's holes and paint stains,
he works for a communications company
 and uses orange paint to locate underground cables.
It's really hard on pants and shoes by the way.
The battery acid they use is worse yet...
Where was I with this story?
Oh, I thought granddaughter #3 wouldn't mind a few stains
on her bib from grandpa...
after all she will be eating carrots and beets while wearing it.
I couldn't send her just one bib.
You be the judge...
is she cute or what!

I ordered new appliques for her bibs yesterday
and can't wait to put something together with them.
I call them designer bibs.


  1. These bibs are beyond adorable and knowing that are out of grandpa's pants makes them even more fun! The way she is drooling, keep them coming. HA! Thank you!!!!

  2. She is just adorable . . . I love her little chin, chubby cheeks, little mouth, expressive eyes . . . I am so sappy over babies . . .

  3. (I like the Designer Bibs TOO!)