Wednesday, January 28, 2015


or is it fowl?
Daughter Knit and Pearl mentioned half bibs for her little drooler.

"Who? Me?"
This owl fabric is a super soft flannel.
They are all backed with an absorbent yellow terry cloth.
This bib is a bandana style,
 which will gap some in the front of the neck.
At some point I began to see a fowl theme here.
And maybe a little more blue than I should have used for a girl?
Drool bibs allow baby to play with toys without
the bib always in the way.
Brilliant idea...
not mine however.


  1. Very smart,indeed! And they don't overtake whatever fashionable outfit she has on.

  2. Perfect!!!! And yes, Lisa, the other reason I wanted. Dress her cute and then over the top comes a big bib. Plus, a girl needs different accessories for different things!! :)

  3. Smart and great idea! Wonder why some drool, others don't . . .
    Probably why some like a pacifier, others grab their thumb!
    Who knows the answer