Tuesday, January 6, 2015

basket case

I enjoy making baskets...
I think these cloth baskets came out pretty cute.
You know how I love chickens and sheep.
I'm going to hate it when I use up
 the very last few inches of this fabric.
So cute with the top edge rolled down.
I saw a basket like this on etsy and wanted it...
$25 plus $10 shipping from England!
I immediately headed out to my sewing room,
dropped my feed dog and went to work.
I think they would be adorable filled with our handmade
 bibs and burp cloths for a new mother.
The wise man
puts all his
eggs in one
basket and
watches the basket.
Andrew Carnegie



  1. Sign me up for a couple of these and then start production for Dakota Kids!!!

  2. You amaze me!
    Great idea . . .