Thursday, January 15, 2015

Keep calm and carry on...

Easier said than done right?
These are a few of the things that can calm me down
or keep me calm.

A new stack of coordinating half yards.
Purchasing pre-assembled stacks saves me so much time.
Standing in-line at Joannes cutting table...
does NOT keep me calm.
I purchased this stack at a quiet quilt shop 20 miles away.
We always get to share a few laughs and gossip a little.
They also sell our favorite Dark Canyon coffee beans.
Have I told you Mr. b is a huge coffee snob?

So cute...cats and fish.
I may have to cut into these yet today.

Reading is always relaxing...
...with a cuppa tea.

I'm getting the hang of knitting mittens
and always love the finished product.
Trying out a new recipe is always fun.
Crockpot beans served with a piece of ham
 sounds perfect for our supper tonight.
This movie was even better than I expected.
Beth Nielsen Chapman
This cd is on my top ten list of music.
"Walk My Way" is my favorite soundtrack on the cd.
And of course...
...granddaughter hugs are good for blood pressure.
Can you believe those smiles?


  1. I loved this . . .
    You reminded me of a ton of things that
    GIVE ME CALM . . .
    (I love your little "grand girls" . . . swinging and smiles!)

  2. I am going to steal some of these ideas for "calm." And now is a rare moment that you will be happy for the distance between us because if I was closer, I would be stealing some of that fabric too! :)