Monday, September 1, 2014


We were road trippers this weekend.
Where we live it can be a long way to get to anywhere...
our world is pretty small.
Heading to the water is always a good choice for us.
And I love that it always includes a seafood meal or two.
I have a lot of good memories of Lake Okoboji in Iowa.
My parents took us there when we were kids...
where we could hang out on the beach
and swim like the fish we were.
This is my parents and youngest sister in 1966.
Many years later we took our kids here also for boating.
Things haven't changed much...
the old wooden roller coater we rode in 1966 is still there.
and the TIPSY HOUSE!
48 years ago, WOW.
Look at that station wagon.
All good memories on this Labor Day weekend.


  1. Thanks for a few Iowa pics and memories . . .
    I liked those 60's shots . . .

  2. Fun post! Lots of memories there. I hope I can make memories with my kids too.


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