Monday, September 15, 2014

125 years ago

On the road to statehood...

  Mr. b and I decided to look up this wagon train
 traveling 20 miles north of us Sunday.

After all...we love us some country air!

The 125th Birthday Wagon Train
 is part of this year's celebration of 
 South Dakota's Quasquicentennial.

The 17-day wagon train is traveling on township and county roads,
 in road ditches and along undeveloped section lines.
 Near to what was an old trail that went from Yankton to Mitchell to Pierre.
I loved this one with it's old wooden wheels.
Imagine traveling like this 125 years ago.
These are some very dedicated cowboys.
The trail ends at the state capitol in Pierre, South Dakota
September 20...
after covering almost 250 miles.


  1. That is fantastic! What a great way to celebrate!

  2. Now that looks and sounds like a great outing!
    Great to see the wagon rigs . . .
    Happy quincentennial . . .


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