Friday, September 12, 2014

chili time

Friday here.
Our weather turned cold and into chili season.
It's always fun to use the last of the garden tomatoes
 in a big pot of chili.
Receiving blanket by Dakota Maid.
I love how the leaf stitching on the blanket border turned out.
I had a great birthday this week.
Mr. b always makes sure my day is extra special.
 I received a box of goodies in the mail
 from daughter knit and pearl and family...
"There is more to life than Knitting...
But Not Much."
I love this t-shirt!
Have a great weekend...
it may be time to hit some roadside farm stands for us.

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  1. Certainly chili/soup weather around here too. Brrrrrrr, very early for low forties . . .
    Very pretty leaf stitch . . . I like,
    You make adorable things for those little ones,
    the new babe and the school age twins will never
    have to wonder about having some handmade "styles!"


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