Thursday, July 3, 2014

under the boardwalk

Happy 4th!
I wish I could send you a postcard from
Long Beach, California...
I would write a message on the back telling you
how much fun I'm having.
But sadly I'm not there
and certainly not on (or under) this boardwalk.
We'll be lighting our firecrackers here in South Dakota.
Have a safe one.
This postcard from my collection
was sent from Whittier, Ca. to Lennox, SD. in 1929.


  1. Inspiring . . . I may have to go look up my 'inspiration' post card in my collection. Happy 4th to you, even though it isn't being celebrated in Long Beach!

  2. I am ready for a few days on the ocean. I prefer hurricane free if at all possible though!
    Happy 4th of July!!