Wednesday, July 23, 2014

long walks

I've had a surge of energy here in the last few days...
and a very good reason for it.
I go into the fix-it shop for a little body work tomorrow.
It will involve the walker that my family showed up with on my 50th birthday.
Thank heaven I've kept it all these years huh?
If the doctor asks me what I'm going to do
 now that I will be able to walk pain free...
I will say of course...
"Go to Disneyland!"
No. Not really...
I will just be happy to begin fitness walking again.
And our new little granddaughter will need a sunbonnet
 for all those stroller walks we can do.


  1. I will be thinking about you . . .love the little knitted Mary Jane's

  2. Thank you for visiting me the other those little pink slippers. So happy to hear you are going to be up and back to walking....chronic pain is the worse....I suffer from back issues so I can so relate...enjoy! Life is filled with so many blessings