Monday, June 30, 2014

East vs West

It's always fun when we decide
at the last minute to take a mini-vacation.
East or West?
Go West, young man, go West...
and that is what we did.
All the way to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.
The temps were cool enough that we decided to drive
through the Badlands on our way home.
If you've never been here...
it's an awesome! place to see.
We came home feeling refreshed
 and (almost) ready to return to our routines.


  1. Im so glad that you guys took off and on a trip for yourselves!!! You both deserved it!!!
    BUT....I have a feeling the next trip will require heading North. ;)

  2. Got gas in the car . . . good weather . . . bills paid . . . best take off for the hills . . . or the "bad lands!"


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