Monday, July 14, 2014


Our six-year-old granddaughters
 were here the last four days...
and we squeezed in as much fun as we could.
Aren't these little zipper pouches they painted cute?
They love doing craft projects.
I taped fabric onto a piece of cardboard
 and let them use fabric markers to decorate.
 It took me very little time to sew the squares
 into zipper pouches to hold the little unicorns
they got in their happy meals at McDonalds.
I took a picture from their new color books
and traced it onto a piece of muslin for them to stitch around.
I was surprised at how quickly they learned to stitch.
I made them these cute shorts from a pattern I found on the internet...
FREE too!
Those large pockets will be perfect
 for all those little treasures they can't resist picking up.


  1. I want a weekend like that! Sounds like fun around each corner. Those shorts are adorable! !

  2. You are the most wonderful granny ever . . .
    Teaching, playing, treating . . .