Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Canning season is here...
canning season block
cherries, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, pickles and grapes!
At one time we had a grape arbor...
the grape jelly was fantastic!
A friend in Iowa served me fresh cherry pie years ago...
Can you imagine pitting cherries for canning?
I canned carrots ONCE!
For some reason they unsealed
 and I ended up throwing away dozens of jars...
never again!
Grandma Bertha's recipe for tomato juice is the only one our family uses.
It's also her recipe that I use for dill pickles.
 corn and tomatoes block
Have you seen any sweet corn vendors yet?
The crops here in central South Dakota are looking great...
crops block
You can't be a wanna-be farm girl
 without doing a little canning...
or quilt making!


  1. If you have ever had a canning batch turn up BAD, that just about does it.
    At least it did it for me. My BAD was a jar of tomatoes . . . NASTY!
    I freeze more than can now, although I still do pickles.
    I think our corn here in Michigan is just about ready . . .
    Love your Farm Girl blocks!

  2. Love the blocks. Canning salsa on your list this year? !