Wednesday, July 1, 2015


No trip to the Black Hills is ever complete for us
 without a stop at our favorite coffee roasters...

Dark Canyon Coffee.

I scored a couple of these burlap bags
to make Dakota Maid tote bags.

Can you smell coffee beans roasting?
I need a scratch and sniff blog!

Mr. b and I were in coffee heaven alright.



  1. I'm scratching my screen in goes of getting even the slightest whiff. Guess will have to wait until morning to smell my cranberry creme fresh brewed coffee. Love Dark Canyon!

  2. First iPad look thus morning was you.
    First phone call this morning was a "want to go for coffee?"
    My answer was . . . YES . . .
    Wool socks back on yesterday afternoon . . .
    Temperature drop around here, 47 this morning . . .
    Brrrrr . . . coffee sounds wonderful!
    We are going for Fresh Roasted too . . .
    I'm checking for bags!