Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Mr. b and I braved the heat Saturday
 and went to the Brookings Art Festival.
I love looking at all the arts and crafts.
For me it's usually about the process...
These ladies were spinning wool.
I would love to learn this.
Mr. b says no sheep!
Who has patience to do beading?
NOT me.
These pirates were having fun with a group of kids.
"Give me your gold!"
There is always a section of antiques at this art festival.
I've seen a few of these cream cans in my day.
Dad worked in a creamery.
What is it about the food at festivals?
Mmmm mmm!
There is nothing like an art festival
 to get your creative juices flowing!


  1. I ohhhhhhhhhhh love the gyros! !!!!

  2. I think that was the place I ate at, It was delicious!! My favorite part of the festival was the pioneer booths! I think a sheep would be great addition to the family, and every retiree needs a little sheep shit to spread around.