Tuesday, April 28, 2015


When I gave our granddaughters
 American Girl dolls for Christmas
I didn't realize I would be left without a doll
 to use as a model for clothing construction.
I resisted the urge to buy myself a doll,
(they aren't cheap)
until the first summer outfit I made instructed me
 to put the top on the doll for placement of straps.
I saved money by buying her on ebay
and I justified the expense by telling myself I am saving money
making their clothes versus buying them.
"Hi, I'm Willa and
my best friends are Emma and Rose.
We are also cousins."
Emma and Rose
Willa will hang out with me until we give her to our
10-month-old granddaughter five years from now.


  1. Very smart granny you are!
    Shopped on eBay . . .
    All clothes will be tried and modeled by Willa . . .
    So perfect fits for the "twins American Doll twins!"
    Plus, if you are making clothes for the "twin twins" and making one for Willa too, granddaughter three will be all set with a well dressed Amerucan Girk doll when she turns five.
    Very smart granny . . ,

  2. Excuse the errors . . . and smile
    American Girl Dolls
    Those are a couple I see, if I find more, I will be back!

  3. "twins American Girl Doll twins."
    I think that's it!

  4. Love your comments Lynne!!
    Delainee is a very lucky, little girl and she will treasure it all. She is already a dolly girl.


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