Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh Boy!

As I was looking at one blog after another this weekend...
I spotted a free pattern for these knitting/crocheting bags.
The pattern called for a flat bottom.

I first saw these project bags on etsy.
The one I envied was a flat bag.

Picture courtesy of OtterburnPQ etsy shop.
I made both of mine with denim,
and lined them with a quilter cotton and pillow ticking.
What a great idea right!
There are times when you just don't know
 what to do with that skein of yarn
 while you knit or crochet.
I won't be selling them...
but I will be gifting a few of them to my knitting peeps.


Remember that bonnet I showed you last week?

It was perfect for backpacking with her mama!


  1. I wish my mum were alive so I could show her all the things you sew, make, create. She would love visiting you as much as I do . . .
    And that sweet bonnet babe is adorable! No sunburned head for her!

  2. Ditto to what Lynne said. Love that baby and her bonnet too!!

  3. Those knitting bags are cute! I knit, I knit, I knit!!! :P The sun bonnet was perfect and SOOOOOO adorable!!! Thank you!!!