Monday, April 27, 2015


My Mr. b has an overabundance of patience...
He was my driver this weekend
 for the Crossing Borders Spring Fling.
10 quilt shops in 9 cities in 2 states and all in 2 days.
They are called Shop Hops.
There is absolutely no one else
 I would rather spend 2 days in a car with.
We make a good team.
I took a few pictures along the way to share with you...
I love old architecture...
this café and grille was across the street from the first shop
 we went into in Luverne, Minnesota.
Of course I was also on the lookout for Carnegie Libraries.
This museum was next to the quilt shop in Watertown, SD.
It was originally a Carnegie library.
It was this same shop that had the most beautiful quilts.
Watertown SD is also home to artist Terry Redlin's Museum.
Would you say he is a huge promoter of the arts?
(internet image of Terry Redlin painting)
I loved this feed store quilt shop in Windom, Minn.
Mr. Feed Store sells feed out of one side of the business...
and Mrs. Feed Store sells fabric in the other side.
Talk about a team!
We saw this art work on the side of a building
 in Marshall, Minn.
The quilt shop in Dell Rapids, SD was my favorite...
from it's window display (above) to every corner inside.
It was definitely quilt overload...but I am ready to do it again.
I don't know about Mr. b.

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  1. Great talent you have . . . patience too.
    Looks like you enjoyed a pleasant Minnesota trip!