Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3 Days

Three day projects:
1. Spring clean the house.
2. Paint a large room.
3. Prepare garden and flower beds for spring planting.
4. Organize the basement or garage.
5. Clean carpets and wax hardwood floors.
6. Make your granddaughter a touch and feel quiet book!
Guess what I chose to do with my three days.
My book has lots of textures, colors, shapes and designs.
I love it!
I think it would have been a great project to do with
my 6-year-old granddaughters to give their little cousin.
While I was making it I said I would never make another one...
But now that it's finished...
I think I may have to start looking at new patterns
for a second one. :)


  1. This book is AMAZING!! Well, not as amazing as Delainee's Grandma!!

  2. Great idea!
    Right now my great grand newly one year old loves her touch and feel book. Her favorite . . . (store bought though, not like yours!)


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