Wednesday, June 4, 2014

pie day...

When we were in North Dakota last week
we went out and cut rhubarb.
I get rhubarb at this same farm
(Thanks! Wayne)
every spring it seems.
Can you remember a time when every backyard
 had numerous rhubarb plants,
a cistern and a receptacle under the down spout
 to catch soft rain water?
I always thought rhubarb was a no-fuss plant.
Not so!
They need lots of water and composting.
I learned this from an old farm wife
 that grew the biggest rhubarb plants I've ever seen.
And now I'm cutting a piece to take to my mother
who taught me how to make the best rhubarb pie
at the State Fair!


  1. Stop over and bring your rhubarb pie . . . my hubs favorite!

  2. Do I have this recipe or is it limited to just two generations???? :)
    Now I am hungry for rhubarb pie!! Ohhh.....Waaaayynnneeeee........


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