Monday, January 6, 2014

season 4

Are you as crazy about the show Downton Abbey as I am?
Did you catch the first episode of season 4 last night?
It's not just the story line...
It's the fabulous clothes
the Highclere Castle setting
and the cars...

I love British television.
I declared the day as Downton Abbey Day.
I made myself a cup of tea,
so British don't you think,
then went out to my sewing room to look for a tapestry print,
reminiscent of those used to make carpet bags or satchels from that era,
and made myself a tote bag.
I turned out quite lovely don't you think?
I think it will go perfectly with my new hat...
the one with the pheasant feathers in it.


  1. I love your new bag!!! I might just have to make myself one too :D I just love tapestry fabrics!!! Thanks for sharing...
    Beth P

  2. Cute new project bag! So what is the first new project going into it? Im going to tackle that new Fisherman's Wife cowl soon, but thinking we may need to plan a meeting so you can help me?!!!!

  3. Yes . . . we watched Downton last night. I love listening to them . . . crisp and proper!

    Your tapestry bag is perfect . . . no picture with the feathered hat???