Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello freedom...

Mr. B. got the go ahead to lose the knee/leg brace from his doctor this morning. That was a long haul.

We were moving refrigerators in December when he slipped on the only little piece of ice on our front steps. Then as he had promised the daughter to help move her from South Dakota to North Dakota (ya, I know, who moves to North Dakota in December? but that's another blog) he skipped having a specialist look at it.

In January he had the tendons reattached, went through physical therapy, followed doctors orders to the letter. The leg is still pretty weak and he will have to do his exercises at home yet.

So we will sit back and wait to see what befalls us next.

And maybe get acquainted with some young thugs willing to move heavy appliances? b

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going Green

I don't eat my veggies like I know I should and when I do I always manage to take the healthy out of them with sauces, cheese and bacon.

I love Tastefully Simple's mixed spices on just about everything. This Bacon Bacon and Onion Onion seasons up vegetables when I'm in a hurry.

I like to throw a bag of frozen vegetables in a crockpot over my lunch hour and cook them down to nothing for supper.

Guess when all is said and done I don't want to taste anything green - just cheese and spices. b

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunny Monday

A sunny mild day here today and I'm lovin' this blue hydrangea plant on my desk. Almost thought about getting out my bike but am sure the tires will need a little air before hitting the road. I just can't wait to smell the grass or even some rain coming down. Was happy to see the yellow finches back at the feeders. I don't remember being this excited about spring, well, since last year. b

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Duck yellow yarn...

Just in time for Easter baskets... knitted two of these mini reversible duck and bunny toys. When you turn them inside out it is the other animal. Thought they were just too cute. A lot of little pieces to finish but I definitely improved my casting on three stitches on three needles to knit in the round. Sound difficult? It is!

And Mr. B. was so patient to find me duck yellow yarn. He's always been a real sport about going into numerous stores to get me craft supplies. Believe me he knows the difference between 16 inch size 5 circular needles and size 5 double pointed needles. Or baby, sport and worsted weight yarns. His first response is always "Now what are you making?" And you should see how patient he is at getting yarn straightened out that I have twisted in 20 knots.

All I can say is "Thanks dear"... b

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's baby shower day for a friend of the daughter. It's always hard for me to picture these girl's as mothers. My memories are very vivid of them growing up. I think they started school together in the second grade. I remember them climbing our tree house and years later driving off in the old orange jeep Mr. B. bought for our teenagers to use. Not too many teenagers would have been thrilled to be seen driving this pumpkin around town, but our daughter and her friends were.

Back to my blankets...I love to make receiving blankets and crocheting around them. So another baby means another excuse to buy flannel, although I always have a shelf full of flannel and already made blankets. I have given dozens away.
My mother made us one when our son was born, I still have it 32 years later.

I love this blanket. I think it looks like vintage flannel, very old fashioned. b

Friday, March 26, 2010

Favorite Things...

Thinking about some of my favorite things today and my Sirius radio ranks right up there at the top. Couldn't live without it and consider it a very good investment when it comes to my sanity.

Remember we live in the middle of nowhere and any good stations stop short 12 miles on all sides of us. Lately I've been listening to the '60s and looks what playing! My favorite song "The Elusive Butterfly". Let's see, I was 13 when this song came out and probably dreaming about my first kiss, what to wear or what to do with this curly hair. We didn't get to listen to radio much, only at dance parties. I can still picture my dad making fun of the Beatles. Wonder what he would say about some of these artists? Lady Gaga? Kiss? P Diddy? I know what I think of a lot of them, ha. Sorry showing my age here. Oh my gosh is that Aquarius by the 5th Dimension playing? gotta go... b

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dew Drop Inn...

Mr. B. likes to feed the birds and squirrels and always has lots of customers at his little 'Dew Drop Inn'. He is constantly trying to keep feeders in both the front and back yard filled.

It provides lots of entertainment for us and resident cats Birdie and Pearl.

We have this old and very rotten tree in our front yard which he refuses to chop down as it provides a safe haven for all his little critters. Yes, Mr. B. is an ol' softie.

Hey Mr. Squirrel! Don't forget to pay your tab and leave a tip! b

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introducing Pearl

Pearl is the 'pearl' of knit and pearl and my knitting companion.

Such a sweet kitty. Lucky her and us, she just happened to be sitting at our back door one day when Mr. B. opened it and has been with us every since. Of course our resident house cat Birdie was not real pleased to be sharing her domain, but they are best of friends by now.

The complete opposite of Birdie, Pearl is very friendly and loved by all.

As you can see she is the color of a pearl with eyes the same blue as the grand-girlies.

With one white cat and one black cat you can be assured we are always wearing cat hair. b

Tuesday, March 23, 2010's what for dinner

This is pretty much what we'll be eating from here on out (or until next winter) grill food. Love it!

Had the kind of day where you just wanted to do everything you've missed for the last 6 months - garden, mow grass, hang out clothes, wash the family sedan, walk...

We did walk, have to get Mr. B's gimpy leg muscled up for the big roof job our house needs. All shingling volunteers please sign in here... b

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a fine Monday

Turning out to be a fine day...

Daughter sent picture of "I like this diamond" over e-mail...

Plans for playhouse that grandpa ordered in the post, (note to grandpa - that playhouse has to fit two girlies and grandma!)...

And left over chinese for lunch. What more could I ask for right? Oh, a new microwave to reheat chinese in? Well, I have that too!

On my nightstand - "Dark Water" by Sharon Sala. Music on the stereo, Michael Buble's "Me and Mrs. Jones" takes me back to the months we lived in Bradley Beach, New Jersey. Pretty scary time for this then 19-year-old South Dakota girl.
The sun is shining and I'm happy. b

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Saturday...

It's been a big Saturday here. Up early and play, play, play. These kids never stop.

We were able to play outside a little while, they liked grandpa's messy shed. We took a wagon ride down the block to see the miniature ponies and ducks.

After baths and just when you think they should be wearing down they get their second wind.

It was a fun day with only a couple of ouchies. b

Friday, March 19, 2010

soft flannel...

and a very good F.

The grand-girlies are coming to visit us for the weekend. We're always excited to see them.

Grandma had to quickly put some new bibs together for them. I love soft flannel and always have a fun stash of it on hand for blankets, bibs or even dolly clothes. I can't resist buying new flannel.

For Christmas everyone got a pair of flannel lounging pants. These bibs are from the leftover fabric. b

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Intruder

Finished up my first project from "Itty Bitty Toys". What a strange choice right? But looked quick and easy and had old sock yarn yelling "Pick me, pick me!"
I think the grand-girlies are going to learn what a snake says this weekend, ssss, ssss.
Mr. B. put the snow blower away. Looks like a bad omen to me. But then I hung my winter coat up also. And just today saw my first robin.
And I'm selling Easter ads today. All good signs to me. b

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the day to you...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Looking for something green to picture and thought about this antique Fire-King Ware bowl we inherited from Mr. B's mother.
Her name, Jessie B., is taped on the bottom as she took many salads in it to church dinners, family celebrations, funerals, you name it.
Her generation, I call them the woman of the 50's, got together for everything and celebrated with good food.
More knitted dishrags, I love the new self-striping yarns.
The corn-beef is for hash, tonight's supper...and the eggs are cooking right now for deviled eggs.
Hey! the sun is shining. I even have a window open, the fresh air smells wonderful.
Can't wait to hang clothes out on the lines. b

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a fine day...

This is what's making my day a little brighter...

Daffodils and new knitting book.

So yet another project in my knitting basket - a curly snake.

In the stereo, Queen's Greatest Hits (Mr. B. is so into the 80's music)...

and on my night stand, Diane Chamberlain's 'Before the Storm'.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Down on the farm

Look what came in the post today? Ordered all these little farm animals from Canada.

Won't the grand-girlies have fun when they come over?

The well-worn barn was played with years ago by our own children.

The animals will just have to stay inside until all this mud clears up!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Helped out at the grand-girlies this weekend, what a fun time we had. Always lots of laughs with those two.

They have way too much energy sometimes. Grandpa bought balloons and then had to return to the store so they each had the same balloon.

Here they are enjoying snacks and puzzles at the table. See Ralphie the puppet dog wanting in on the action? He doesn't bite if you share your snacks with him.

Friday, March 12, 2010

dish rags and cookies

Handmade dishrags and chocolate chip cookies....

I taught myself to knit just so I could make these dish rags.

And the bowl was handed down from Grandma T. Don't know what she all made in it but I have mixed up a lot of chocolate chip cookies in it. Ask what my secret is to good cookies and I'll tell you to just use your favorite bowl with a lot of love.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amish Puzzle Balls

Finished these Amish Puzzle Balls for our girlies, they will love them. Balls are about their favorite toys. Was going to save them for Easter gifts, but you know me, can't wait for nothing.

Aren't the fabrics cute? And they were fun to make. I like little projects that finish up quickly. b

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Off

I love my days off! Skip the housecleaning, don't tell the daughter (this was definitely not my mantra all the years she was home) and move right into crafting.

Mr. B. is at his Dr. appointment to hopefully hear he gets to lose the knee brace. (He just called - no such luck, three more weeks in the brace.)

I have the beans in the pot so can smell the coffee. Having some in my favorite mug -"mom's the word" from the kids years and years ago. Don't we all have a favorite mug?

So, now have to decide which project to start with? Maybe stuff those ball wedges then pick up some knitting. Ordered Susan Anderson's book "Itty Bitty Toys" and can't wait to get in the mail.

If anyone out there is getting sunshine...could you send a few rays our way? Cause we ain't seen no sunshine since I don't know when. b

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Blogger

Here I am...

Oh dear, oh dear, what to say?

And will anyone even care what I have to say?

I promise to keep my opinions to myself and advise to a minimum.

Oh, and not responsible for spelling mistakes.

But, this is me...

57 year old wife of one, mother of two and grandmother of twin girls (and I'll be talking about them a lot!). I am also owned by two cats - Birdie and Pearl.

I live in South Dakota and love experiencing all four seasons. It is finally showing signs of spring and I'm dreaming of a bouquet of daffodils on my desk.

I would love to able to do just about everything but am content for now to be able to sew, knit, read and cook.

Right now on my sewing table - a quilt, bibs, Amish puzzle ball, doll clothes and pinafores.

Yes, I'm guilty of attempting to complete multiple projects at the same time.

In my knitting basket? One sock, bear and doll sweaters, scarf, dishrags and crocheting trim on flannel baby blankets. I enjoyed this project for our girlie's Christmas presents.
On my nightstand, "Secrets She Left Behind" by Diane Chamberlain.
In my sewing room dvd player, Dido's "Life For Rent"