Tuesday, March 28, 2017

bras and blossoms

I'm taking a break today from the quilts I've been making for weeks now.
I discovered this piece of fabric tucked in
 amongst the hundreds of novelty prints I have.
 I decided it would make cute zipper pouches.

Polka dot lining...
 polka dots go with everything.
I put together this sample of juvenile prints
 for pillowcase kits that my sister and I will be making.
Presentation will be important
so I'm looking for ideas.
I can never walk by a display of fresh cut flowers
without coming home with a bundle.
What a great idea someone had there...
and affordable.
~b is for blossoms and brassieres


  1. B for those brassier pouches . . .
    Great idea . . .
    I think I am going to make some pillow cases.
    My friend Penny whips up pillow cases for her church bazaar all the time.
    Sometimes I find some in my mailbox too.
    I think it is something I can learn to make.
    It would be, " b for beginner!"

  2. As soon as my taxes are done,I'll be looking for that rotary cutter!