Monday, October 19, 2015


It was South Dakota's pheasant opener this weekend.
It's nice to see all the orange hats and vests
 as well as the out-of-state license plates visiting our great state.
It was a beautiful weekend to be tromping around in the country.
I haven't heard how the hunters did but I always cheer for the pheasant team.
This little hunter didn't last long in the North Dakota fresh air.
Daughter knit and pearl decided
 to be a hunter this year and got her first pheasant.


  1. Oh my, I like hearing that your daughter went hunting and got her first pheasant! My dad was a pheasant hunter . . . As he got older he went hunting with his eyes, no gun . . . He just would go out and sit and watch . . .
    Did she get some cool feathers?

  2. Love pheasant season and now it has a whole new outlook to it. Love the family time in the outdoors. Could use some extras.....
    Head north soon.....