Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Grandma got commissioned to make
 another soft/busy book.
Let me tell you...
the second one was not as fun as making the first one.

There were a few more elements in making this book...
button holes, snaps, elastic, zippers, Velcro, buckles

You see Delainee can't find the first book I made her.
She may have returned it to the library with the rest of her books?
Or shared it with a friend who has yet to return it?
Or maybe she just hid it hoping (knowing) 
grandma would make her another one.

Maybe the dogs carried it away.

Hang onto this one Delainee...
I think it is my last.
~with love, grama


  1. So dam cute. We are heart broken not finding first one. Fingers crossed we find it!

  2. Very cute book . . .
    (So talented!)


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