Monday, May 11, 2015

What a girl needs...

Mr. b knows what a girl likes...
is also what a girl needs!
A new Brother!
And this Brother is going to be put to the test.
It will be used for my daily marathon sewing sessions.
These are just a few of the super cute fabrics I picked up
 on our quilt hop a few weekends ago.
Fat quarters are perfect for most of the projects I sew.
Come on! You know how I love chickens in any form.
Farm fabrics are always a hit for our shop bibs.
I don't like to blog about sad events...
don't we get too much of that on the news?
Mr. b. sent me this photo yesterday (Sunday)
 from a tornado stricken community here in South Dakota.
He was there to work on telephone lines after the tornado hit.
This beautiful Lutheran church was over 100 years old.

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  1. Happy news about your new Brother but oh dear, such sad news to see the church destroyed. Why do we have tornados anyway!!
    YIKES . . .


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