Friday, December 5, 2014

The knit goes on...

Now where did this Sonny and Cher song in my head come from?
Charleston was once the rage, uh, huh
Now history has turned the page, uh, huh
Hot pants is on the current thing, uh, huh
The Teenybopper is our newborn King, uh, huh

It has nothing to do with knitting or socks does it?
Grandmas sit in chairs and reminisce
And boys keep chasing girls to get a kiss
And men still keep on marching off to war
Electrically they keep a baseball score


The first slipper sock of this pair sat around quite awhile
before I finished it's mate.

When you get a pair of socks from me you can be assured
it took me a year to make them.

Yes, the beat goes on
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the beat goes on
Yeah, the beat, the beat, the beat, the beat, the beat
Yes, the beat goes on




  1. Love the socks! Some day I will try a pair. Some day. ......

  2. Love them . . . I do need to try making a pair. A friend of mine, that is her signature . . , SOCKS . . . she has no idea how many pairs she has made! MANY . . . maybe I will make a "sock resolution" for 2015 . . .