Thursday, December 12, 2013


We were admiring our granddaughter's nesting Matryoshkas dolls
their Russian aunt gave them...
when I remembered this fabric I had packed somewhere in my sewing cave.
HISTORY: Matryoshkas date from 1890.
Now I know what you're thinking...
these aren't really Russian dolls are they?
It's funny how the mind works.
Oh well, I got it out anyway and went to town on it.
Aren't those little shoes adorable?
This was an all day project only because I had so much trouble
squaring up the fabric for the receiving blanket.
The bottom of the shoes are sweet too.
ps. Our thermometer is above freezing today. We sent that nasty ol' weather
to the east coast where it will really be a big deal.
Snow and cold doesn't really faze us tough Midwesterners.
It's mainly just an inconvenience to find our gloves.


  1. Why am I suddenly singing "It's a Small World After All"! That fabric is adorable! I know a sweet little Sall girl that would be a perfect gift for! Can you put a Made in America Tag on that please?

  2. Cute fabric . . . love the little shoes!


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