Wednesday, December 4, 2013

arctic blast

The weatherman got that right...
arctic blast.
14 degrees as I type.
Who it's cold outside.
It was a good day to stay indoors
and knit fussy little hats for the Christmas tree.
The oven is on with scalloped potatoes
 and squash for our supper.
Anything to generate a little extra heat right?
Don't go outdoors without your hat on.


  1. Brrrr . . . I heard it is heading our way! We lost ALL the snow we had on Thanksgiving day with temps in the 50's. Darn. . . I like the snow!

  2. 14 degrees? That is a heat wave. We have a high of -1 today! Don't leave without your hat, gloves, neck warmer, coat with a hood, etc. :)