Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas break

My boss always treats me to a long Christmas break...
a much needed break I might say.
And I always look forward to having the granddaughters
 here for a few days during my break.
They love to draw and do letters and numbers.
They weren't here very long before they drew this picture of grandma.
There's no mistaking my curly hair and glasses
and they always know how glad I am to see them.
After they had been here a day or so this was their interpretation of grandma...
I would say they got me right on. haha


  1. LOL! Lost your glasses and only thing from keeping you from losing your head is the attachment to your neck! :P

  2. Love this . . . keeper drawings of granny too!

  3. Excellent interpretation! Realism at it's finest!