Tuesday, December 29, 2015


South Dakota winters provided lots of fun times
 for my siblings and I growing up.
When we couldn't find a hill to sled down...
dad hitched up the toboggan to the back of the car and away we went.
When I was 13-years-old we moved to a place that had plenty of hills
and we lived right at the bottom of a steep one.
We got enough speed up from the top of that hill
 to get us up the next small incline
where we turned the corner and flew down several more blocks.
It was a long trek back to the top of the hill we started on...
over half a mile.
All the snow we have on the ground today
 got me thinking a sled ride would be a lot of fun again.
Sigh...I better stay in where it's warm (and safe)
 and keep working on Christmas blocks.
It's looking like it might be a lap quilt.

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