Saturday, June 13, 2015


Me and mommy are going home today...
My grampa and grama are needy!

All that hugging and kissing was wearing me out!

I couldn't go anywhere that grama wasn't following me!
Like I was going to hurt myself or something?

Then they took me to see my nana...
and she slobbered all over me!
And they call me the slobber-er!

Until next time...
this is Delainee over and out.



  1. So cute . . . Freeze Pops feel so good when teething . . .
    What plans do you have for next week granny?

  2. Oh gosh, just caught up on last week's posts with your grand-daughter. It's too bad she turn out so frumpy and homely! You should really start sewing some shrouds so people can't see her. Did they really ask you to admit her at the zoo?? Sorry about those pictures I took of her, when I got home my camera was broke! Thanks Delainey.
    (now I gotta go back and look at your posts again for the 3rd time!)

  3. We had such great fun! Thank you for all the fun.


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