Friday, June 12, 2015

Pool time

Delainee here!

"It's Friday and it will be time to go home tomorrow.
Grama will be on her own again and back to blogging about
all her boring knitting and sewing stuff."

Today I'm sharing my pool tips:

Wear a hat and apply lots of sunscreen!
The higher the SPF number the better.

Bring a float to sit in and lots of water toys.

Wear a swim diaper
to avoid sinking to the bottom of the pool in 10 minutes.

A cute swimsuit will impress all the other babies at the pool and
grama says if I look this cute nobody will be looking at her!
She says, "The ultimate sacrifice a grandmother can make
is to be seen at the local pool in her swimsuit."


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  1. Sweet Delainee . . . Please take some pictures of granny . . .
    I'll wait here while you snap some . . .


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