Friday, March 6, 2015

The Circus

Happy Friday everyone!
Two short weeks until spring.
 I may even get out for a short walk today to celebrate that fact.
Todays blog post is sponsored by
Dakota Kids on etsy.
I loved making this bag,
from start to finish.
I envisioned it as a diaper tote bag.
It has lots of pockets inside for all of baby's things.
And how about this news from Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey...
They are dropping their elephant acts.
 Thirteen traveling-circus elephants will retire to Florida by 2018.
I love everything about the circus...
but it's a sad fact that this magnificent animal
 was never meant to be enclosed.
Harry Tupper: "You my boy could be...a concessionaire.
Toby Tyler: "I could?"
Toby Tyler or 10-Weeks With the Circus
Did you read Toby Tyler as a child?
I always had my head buried in a book
and this was one of my favorites.
"People are so difficult.
Give me an elephant any day." Mark Shand


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